Five Great Places to Promote Your Music Online


The Internet has become the world’s kiosk. For almost 15 years, active listeners have turned to the Internet to find new music. So when a person recommends one of your songs to a friend, he or she can go to a handful of sites with the expectation of being able to instantly find it online.

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How Social Media Advancements are Altering the Business of Electronic Dance Music

Day 3 of the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Photo taken by Katherine Loh

“I remember back in the day, [promoters] would be like ‘keep driving and when you see this really big rock, make a right, and when you see this crooked tree, make a left’,” Sonabend said.

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Building Relationships Through Social Media Networks

Social Media

Social networking has become part of world culture in the last decade or so. Facebook currently rules the roost, closing in on one billion users, while others such as Twitter and Google+, with over 100 million users each, are very popular and growing. There is also a wide variation of social networks available, from those that are music orientated like SoundCloud to professional networks like LinkedIn. People want to get in touch with others, from catching up with old school friends to making contacts in their field of work, and social media networks allow them to do just that. Inevitably, social media networks have influenced the world of online dating.

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