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New Soshable

The Newer New Soshable

Back in May, I announced that I was diversifying Soshable. Something was brewing in me and something was being lost at the same time. I believed that I needed to diversify in order to regain my passion. In the course of doing so, I realized

Diverse Content

Forgive Me for Diversifying Soshable Content

Hello friends, fans, contributors, enemies, unknown folks, and alpacas. After seven awesome years of focusing on social media pretty much solely, we’ve decided to expand the scope, posting frequency, and style of this site to include “important” news. While we’ll still be posting plenty about

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Changes Coming at Soshable

For the last 4 years, we have been working hard to make Soshable a fun place to check out the latest and greatest in social media. We’ve ranted, laughed, cried, and exposed interesting ideas that aren’t normally found on blogs. We’ve made some people upset

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With TK Carsites Sold, @Soshable is Mine Again

There are certain aspects of being a part of corporate America that are extremely beneficial. The money is great. The connections made, relationships built, and reputation established have been excellent aspects of my life for the last 4 years.

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@Arrington – You’re Always Welcome Here

I admit it. I was one of them. Those people who see what Michael Arrington and TechCrunch did, how they wielded their power to influence other sites, startups, and large corporations. As a former newspaper journalist, I despised him, the site, and everything about it.

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Soshable. The Show. It’s Coming.

After over a month of being without my beloved Social Blade Show, the urge is calling. The desire to talk social media with friends, colleagues and absolutely strangers is overwhelming. We need a new show.