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Need a Good Recipe? Try the Digg Front Page!

In its humble beginnings, Digg was a tech-stories site at heart. The heart has changed over the years, and recently politics have been dominant, appealing to the hearts and minds of the Internet’s Web 2.0 users. Now, Digg has a different kind of heart.  Specifically, Digg loves artichoke hearts.

Mixx vs Propeller: One’s Going Up, the Other, well

Recent changes at both Propeller and Mixx have pushed the inevitable forward.  Mixx, the brainchild of Chris McGill, has been poised for success for about a year now.  Propeller, the once-proud Netscape, was doomed the moment that AOL stepped into the picture. If recent trends on Alexa (which we all know are not always accurate)

News Niblets: Social Media’s Best and Worst Quality

Many people love appetizers.  They’re usually overpriced, under-portioned, and loaded with calories, but we love them anyway.  Why?  Because they’re quick, easy, and too the point. Social media websites like Digg, Reddit, and Propeller offer the same product in the form of headlines.  We get to nibble on the news, taking it in bits and