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Social Media: Experts Offer Tips for Success

There are always articles about getting started in or getting better at social media, but this week was flooded with some great ones written by talented, respected authors.  Here, I have compiled some great resources, some “must reads” for anyone wanting a leg up. Social media

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What can fix (I mean save) MySpace?

Rumors are flying. “MySpace is getting a complete redesign.” “MySpace is getting bought out.” “MySpace is losing money.” When rumors like these start flying, it’s normally a bad sign, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.  The Social Network’s meteoric rise and subsequent decline in users

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Stumbled! (too soon)

Welcome Stumblers! Our goal was to have a news story about StumbleUpon up and running before we got the homepage stumbled, but it’s too late now.  We’ve been researching the Web 2.0, social media “wild card” (that’s one of the angles we were considering) for