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Why You Should Switch to Google+

Many of us use either Facebook or Twitter as our main social networks to catch up with friends, share information, and update our statuses. However, Google+ is also a great place to do all of these things, plus more and there are many reasons why you should switch to using it.

Social Media: Experts Offer Tips for Success

There are always articles about getting started in or getting better at social media, but this week was flooded with some great ones written by talented, respected authors.  Here, I have compiled some great resources, some “must reads” for anyone wanting a leg up. Social media is huge and growing.  Those who have had success are

What can fix (I mean save) MySpace?

Rumors are flying. “MySpace is getting a complete redesign.” “MySpace is getting bought out.” “MySpace is losing money.” When rumors like these start flying, it’s normally a bad sign, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.  The Social Network’s meteoric rise and subsequent decline in users to Facebook has created these rumors, but there are still