What Social Media Tools Should We Review?

Viral Heat Google Plus

Every few months (it’s actually been over a year since the last one) we like to review the various social media tools out there. The rate at which social media is growing makes it extremely challenging to manage for a business without the right tools. The rate at which social media tools are progressing makes knowing which tools work best an ongoing effort. The rate at which new social media tools keep popping up…

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Postling has a Tremendous Year and adds YouTube and Analytics to their Social Media Tool

In September of this year, we announced Streams to the Social Media tool, Postling. As the year closes, much success has come to our handy social media asset that has enhanced the lives of many business owners incorporating social media. Postling started 2010 with only 1,000 users and now as the end of the year approaches they have reached a confounding 20,000 users.

Postling began the year starting with 2,500 linked accounts to a whopping 50,000. Even the amount of posts have super-sized with 5,500 more posts and 12 million comments in December.

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StumbleUpon Alerter: A Tool for Stumblologists and Casual Stumblers Alike

SU AlerterOops!  Moojj did it again.  Our favorite programmer and social media user down under has used his combined of “what we need” and “how to build it” and put out a killer tool for StumbleUpon users across the universe.

Introducing the StumbleUpon Alerter.  Slick and sleak, this tool can be extremely useful for those trying to crack into the enigmatic SU elite status.  As mysterious as Digg, Reddit, and the “pure” social media sites are, StumbleUpon has always had the most difficult algorithm to understand along with the fewest tracking tools available.  It’s unique format and the sheer difficulty of classifying it (is it really a social media site?) make this tool an invaluable add to every stumbler’s system tray. [Read more…]