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5 Toolkits That Help Pump Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is hard. It requires your business to take up the role of a publisher. Now, that’s not something businesses or brands are used to doing traditionally. Most of the marketing now focuses on the “inbound marketing” phenomenon and that requires patience, extreme focus

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Is Your Firm’s Social Media Strategy Effective?

Does your company have a social media presence? If your answer is no, stop reading this and read this article to understand why it’s important and how to begin building a social media profile. If you do have a presence, how well does your social

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How Social Media Boosts Your Internal and External Brand

The rapid growth of the social media in the recent past made it an indispensable tool in the hands of marketing managers around the world. Social media improves the opportunities to connect with your customers and facilitates two way communication between you and your customers.

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More Evidence that Women Rule Social Media

Women rule social media. There have been numerous studies that show that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are dominated by women. 75% of women according to Pew Research Center use social networking sites compared to 63% of men. This is important to understand.

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How to Prepare in 2012

Preparing for 2012 Preparing for a new year is never easy no matter what line of work you’re in. In social media, it’s damn near impossible. Regardless of how much analysis of the previous year you complete or how strategies you put in place to