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Hybrids: The Potential Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0? What would you like it to be? Please express your opinions in the comments below. Over the past several weeks, I have been privy to many projects in different stages of development. One thing that seems to hold true for many of them is that the developers’ idea of “the next

Going Social for Marketing, Business, and Fun

Social Media Marketing isn’t new. 2008 is simply the year that it emerges as THE thing to do if you want your business, charity, or blog to be “in” instead of “out”. With companies that aren’t traditionally forward thinking in their marketing techniques, such as Ford Motor Company and Starbucks, making a push to enter

Social Media: Experts Offer Tips for Success

There are always articles about getting started in or getting better at social media, but this week was flooded with some great ones written by talented, respected authors.  Here, I have compiled some great resources, some “must reads” for anyone wanting a leg up. Social media is huge and growing.  Those who have had success are