Americans Drink Too Much Coffee

Coffee in America

I’m not trying to be judgmental here or anything. It’s easy for me to say things like that when I’m a tea and smoothie drinker.

Then again, I do love the aroma of coffee brewing. Maybe I’ll just add to the American obsession for coffee by brewing it and letting it sit there for a while. Nevertheless, here’s an interesting motion graphic on the subject.

Another Social Media Revolution Video. This Time It’s Good.

New to Twitter

If you’re at work or close to a sleeping baby, turn your volume down. The music starts off loud and keeps going.

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If It Ain’t Working, Fix It or Make a Change

Change Things

They say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Grammatical challenges aside, it’s a quote that has indirectly driven many lives in many different aspects. We often get comfortable, complacent, and we start harnessing an attitude of safety over adventure.

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Are Fears of Social Shopping Fading Away?

Facebook Shopping

With every new technological advancement that pertains to making purchases, there are doubts, concerns, and hesitations. Most recently, people have been fearful of social shopping, a relatively new segment of eCommerce that has only started truly taking off in the last year or so.

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A 2nd look at wishlistr (CN)

With over 100K wishlists created so far and the Christmas season approaching (or is it all ready here? Comes so much earlier than it used to), CenterNetworks takes another look at

In reality, it isn’t much of a look at all, offering only a snippet of advice about having direct links to the items instead of making them go to Amazon or elsewhere and copying the URL. Still, since our goal is not link to news about websites instead of the websites themselves, this was my best option.

SO, check out what CN has to say, then check out Wishlistr itself. Could be useful in filling the growing need to cater to the digital holidays.

Here’s a gift idea for your wishlist:

Center Networks’ Take on Wishlistr | Digg’s Take Take on CN’s Take