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Narcissism vs Activism: To #Selfie or #UNselfie?

Everyone from new BFFs the Obamas and the Clintons, to Joe Blog and almost every narcissistic celebrity under the sun, has been guilty of pulling a shameless “selfie” at one time or another. And now the digital self-portrait, taken at varying flattering angles and with

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The Rise of the #Selfie

Call it a kick that I’m on, but I’ve officially doubled the number of “selfies” that I’ve taken just in the last couple of days. Prior to this week, I had taken 2. Now, I’ve taken 4. It’s a selfie phenomenon. The reason for all

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How to Take a Selfie

There’s a certain art to the “selfie”. It has risen from a poor way to do self-photography to the accepted method. Not sure how that happened but I’m not the biggest fan. The rise of sites like Instagram have made them a part of our