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Donald Trump Identity

Is America Ready for Donald Trump to be Our Identity?

With Donald Trump leading in the polls and many political pundits starting to change their tune about his chances of winning the Republican nomination for president, voters need to start asking themselves one question: is Donald Trump’s personality what we want representing our country to the

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Addressing the ‘Ted Cruz Can’t Win’ Fallacy

Three times in the last five election cycles, the Republican establishment has made a terrible mistake. They believe that if someone is too conservative, they can’t win the general election. Let’s look at Ted Cruz and compare him to his Democratic counterpart, President Obama.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Trap is Sprung While the Trump Trap is Primed

All eyes are on Donald Trump and rightfully so. He’s making waves that are drowning the other Republican candidates. He’s pointing out problems in America that most aren’t willing to say publicly. He’s rallying a large portion of the party around him and masterfully playing

Ted Cruz GOP Nominee

Why Everyone’s Wrong About the Growing Republican Field

If you’re a Democrat, you’re probably thinking that there are so many Republicans running for President that it will be hard to decide who to attack. If you’re a Republican, you’re probably groaning every time a new candidate is announced because it means more confusion