Role Models for Your Real-Time Engagement Strategy

Real Time

The average person is bombarded by more than 1,000 brand impressions daily. Consumers tune out most of these impressions because they don’t find them relevant or useful, but this does nothing to stem the constant flow of digital clutter clogging up our feeds.

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The Dark Side of Real-Time News

The Dark Side of Real Time News

For every good, there is a bad. For every yin, there is a yang. For every wonderful aspect of the social media world that allows information to travel at the speed of light across the world, there is a negative aspect that creeps in and makes us question the validity of it all.

Yesterday saw two glaring examples of this. First, What’s Trending, a (former) partner of CBS News that covered the latest and greatest on the internet, tweeted out that Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs had died. Then, hackers took over the NBC News Twitter account and declared that Ground Zero had been attacked by a hijacked plane.

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Where Will Users Go For Real Time Searching?

In December of 09’, Google implemented real time results into their website. This can benefit the user because if you happen to be searching for a hot topic – you will usually see real time results streaming on the results pages at

However, Google is just mixing in real time results sometimes, and there are a slew of real time search engines , such as Sency, which are completely focused on real time results. So where will users go for real time searches?

One take-away from the headaches that came with Google Buzz is that while Google is trying to get users to interact insider Gmail – people have gotten use to using Gmail for email. People like interacting on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace because that is where they have always interacted socially. Gmail, has been used for private communication – so thus far – people haven’t been as excited about interacting in a different way through Gmail.

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The Syndication of Twitter

6 months ago, Twitter changed its homepage so that there was a greater focus on their search engine.

At any time, anyone can go to Twitter and search through all of the updates from Twitter users. So, while initially your Tweets were scene by your Twitter followers, now people that don’t follow you and even people not using Twitter can view your Tweets when they utilize the Twitter search engine.

Twitter’s search results are also being syndicated to several web properties. In December of 09, Google implemented Twitter results onto the first page of their results pages. For select keywords, you’ll notice the Latest Results box scrolling which is powered by Twitter results along with other real time results. In addition to Google, Bing has announced a plan to bake in Twitter results into their search listings.

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