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Google Now Showing Tweets

This has been a long time coming. We knew it was on the horizon and now it’s finally here. Tweets are now appearing in Google search result again after being missing for a few years. When it was announced in February, we went to work integrating Twitter back into the search spectrum of content marketing

The Dark Side of Real-Time News

For every good, there is a bad. For every yin, there is a yang. For every wonderful aspect of the social media world that allows information to travel at the speed of light across the world, there is a negative aspect that creeps in and makes us question the validity of it all. Yesterday saw

Where Will Users Go For Real Time Searching?

In December of 09’, Google implemented real time results into their website. This can benefit the user because if you happen to be searching for a hot topic – you will usually see real time results streaming on the results pages at Google.com. However, Google is just mixing in real time results sometimes, and there