Have you seen the new look to LinkedIn?


It is not every day that we go to our LinkedIn profiles; it is usually when we need to update our online resume or just checking in to see if we have mail or invitations to connect. LinkedIn, although the top choice as a business networking site for companies and employees to connect and those who are looking for work or to hire, is still not viewed as a daily social networking platform.

The business social networking site, LinkedIn is looking to change the amount of time spent on their site by redesigning their entire platform. As you are most likely aware recently they have added the “endorsement” feature which allows others to endorse another person’s specialty with a click of their mouse.

Now, they are visually cleaning up the look of profiles by emphasizing on displaying your networks and communities with images and graphs. Providing you with in-depth insights about you and your network, so even more so now than ever, choosing who you connect with on LinkedIn will reflect on your profile.


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