Anyone Using Social Media Can Appreciate “The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity”

Sometimes, it doesn’t take complex infographics or digital mastery to convey a very clear visual message. Sometimes, the message is clear and slaps you in the face.

Such is the case with this illustration by Fuchsia Macaree. Nothing more needs to be said. If you use social media for or at work, you’ll understand. Enjoy.

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Improving your Netbook Life

Watch any movie made from about 1990 or older that has a business scene in it and you’ll see men in suits carrying large, rectangular briefcases into large boardrooms for meetings.  Today’s on the go business people, tech savvy entrepreneurs and active lifestyle people are reducing the amount they carry with them, while having more access to cutting edge technology than ever before.  Quietly, the Netbook has become, for lack of a better buzzword, the killer app of 2009.

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Using Social Networks at Work – Should Companies Allow It?

Of the 308 companies interviewed by Forrester Consulting, 58.4% said that they prohibit “playing” on social networks such as Facebook and MSpace. The common sense reason is that if they are social networking, they aren’t working.

The counter argument is that by allowing a specified amount of time to be used for social networking or whatever other “toys” are available, the overall team spirit and job satisfaction will increase.

What most companies are not taking into account is a concept that would make some people angry, make some people rebel, and even make some people quit.  Still, I think it would work in many situations.  What if you allowed X amount of time per week for “Facebooking” in exchange for [Read more…]