The End of Privacy: Facebook Tracks Your Moves Even If You Log Out

Facebook Tracking

There are certain things users must sacrifice to play in the world of social media. One of them, to some extent, is privacy, and most who do “give it away” do so knowing that there are certain things they can do to keep private internet browsing, well, private. A common recommended practice for a while has been to log out of Facebook any time you don’t want to be tracked.

Apparently, that’s simply not enough.


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The More Social We Get, the Less Private We’ll Become

In a society that wants to be more social and asking for ways to make the world a smaller place, we haven’t taken much time to ensure our privacy.

We are indulging in social networks such as Twitter, Stumbleupon, YouTube, Facebook and many other social sites that have been provided to us for free.

Free? Maybe that is where the answer lies and we have mistaken that free is never really the case, like the old saying goes, “Nothing in Life is free”. With every action there is a reaction in the waiting and we are slowly starting to scratch our heads with curiosity of why our time spent on the web is not so private.

Sharing Personal Information Publicly IS No Longer Personal

In the days when the Internet first began, there was fear of it; fear of talking to people and putting any type of personal information – was something we were not willing to do. It was the case of common sense, however, with the Internet’s growth creating easy access from the comforts of home such as; online shopping, gaming, and especially social media. We seemed to have left our common sense to the waste side and now are furious that our personal information that we publicly share is no longer personal. With that said, today we should not fear, but instead make sure we continuously stay educated.


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Facebook Privacy Changes: Won’t Make You Less Social, Just More Savvy

Last week, the Facebook F8 Conference took place; which is a conference intended for Facebook developers and for those who love to know what’s going on with this heart stopping social network. Even underneath all the geek talk, you could understand the brilliance that was about to be unleashed unto the book of all faces. However, with all good changes come some bad, some that you may not be aware of and if not, here’s what you need to know.

As of April 24th, Facebook has added a new Privacy feature under your accounts setting; this feature is called “Applications and Websites”. Since Facebook is looking to have your favorite websites connect to its platform, this also means that your information will be shared across the Internet. For those who don’t mind, this won’t matter, but for those of you who do care, you will need to check your Account Settings immediately and apply changes of any unwanted information sharing. Since this new feature was rolled out yesterday, Facebook made sure to leave the default setting to reveal your information. (more…)

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