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True Conservatives have been Right All Along

There are two prevailing stereotypes that are touchstones for attacks from the opposite political side. For liberals, they have a tendency to proclaim that conservatives are racist. For conservatives, we often feel like liberals are stupid. Neither is universally correct and the sooner we can

Ronald Reagan on Government Spending

Ronald Reagan on Government Spending

There’s a simple truth to Ronald Reagan’s words. On the surface, it’s as straightforward as can be. If you think about it a bit more deeply and consider the opposite concept, could it be the key to saving the country’s and world’s finances? What I

Putin Owns Obama

Putin isn’t Strong. Obama is Just Weak.

While the United Nations and the United States chitchat about how they’ll try to put together a transitional government once Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria falls, Russia is busy doing everything they can to prevent that from happening. Everyone else seems to understand this other

Donald Trump 60 Minutes

Donald Trump’s Plan is Absolutely Impossible to Fulfill

The uninformed voters who watched Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes interview are certainly pumping their fists and embracing the things they heard. Like the high school student council presidential candidate, he’s promising to put soda pop in the water fountains and to eliminate homework on weekends.

Barack Obama Ted Cruz

Addressing the ‘Ted Cruz Can’t Win’ Fallacy

Three times in the last five election cycles, the Republican establishment has made a terrible mistake. They believe that if someone is too conservative, they can’t win the general election. Let’s look at Ted Cruz and compare him to his Democratic counterpart, President Obama.