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Burger Bot

Yes, I’d Eat Fast Food Made by a Job-Killing Robot

As your standard technology-fearing, new-world-order-watching conservative Christian conspiracy theorist, it’s hard for me to even fathom the idea of supporting robots making my Big Mac. I shouldn’t be eating many Big Macs in the first place, but assuming I will, what does that say about

Donald Trump Identity

Is America Ready for Donald Trump to be Our Identity?

With Donald Trump leading in the polls and many political pundits starting to change their tune about his chances of winning the Republican nomination for president, voters need to start asking themselves one question: is Donald Trump’s personality what we want representing our country to the

Thomas Sowell on Force

Thomas Sowell on Force

With all that’s happening in the world today, more people are waking up to the unfortunate reality that barbarism still exists. There are those who will do harm to the innocent for the sake of their unrighteous desires. This is why we have a military.