Use Images to Improve Social Media Marketing


It’s no secret that images are a powerful tool in human communication. Numerous psychological studies have found that our brains not only process images more quickly than text, but images also register with us on an emotional level. Throughout the history of humanity written text has only been around for a few thousand years, while visual stimulants and images have been around for tens of thousands of years. Even cavemen used images, shown in the paintings they left behind.

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The Evolution of Photos

Baby Smiling

People love pics. In this social media world, there are those who share multiple photos every day. Developing film has become a thing of the past for all but the most traditional photographers. It’s all digital now.

As the are of photography evolves, how we take and share our images changes with the times and advances with the technologies. One such technology was designed by our friends at PhotoRocket, an innovative series of apps available on Windows, iPhone, and Mac (and available soon on iPad and Android) that simplify the sharing and receiving process.

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