MyTime Brings an Interesting Concept that Makes Appointments and Services as Easy as Amazon


Need a haircut, an oil change and a massage? Don’t know where to go, or even where to start? Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could get the scheduling and research for all these errands done quickly, with one centralized tool?

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Ford Social: The Automotive Idea that Needs to Take Off

Ford Social

Some ideas in social media work (for a little while) because they catch a break and resonate with the target audience even if the idea itself was a bad one. These types of concepts include Foursquare apps that try to stalk attractive women (lifespan: 1 week), video chatting sites that connect random people (chances of seeing a penis: 1 in 4 and rising), and anything that depended on the Twitter API to make it work.

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Top Five States For Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a fast growing, exciting field. This branch of digital forensic science pertains to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. The goal of computer forensics is to identify, preserve, recover, analyze, and present facts about examined digital media.

As more and more people use computers and own personal computers, and more people commit crimes with the help of computers, this branch of forensics becomes exceedingly important.


California is one of the top states for computer forensics. Boasting highly-ranked computer forensics and electronic discovery companies, as well as great schools, computer forensics in California is thriving.

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Banks Are In Trouble… Again

Digital Wallet

Today, it seems like big banks and corporations are constantly in the news.  With the recent financial crisis, there have been massive government takeovers as well as buy outs from other banks.  This banking crisis was caused by loans that were not paid and was also one of the direct results of the housing crisis.  Unfortunately because of the global connectivity of the world today, the events that occurred on Wall Street and in other cities aside from New York escaladed across the ocean to Europe and other places abroad.

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