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Hannah Montana

I’m Scared to Click on Any Stories about Miley Cyrus

To most, I’m what you would consider to be a prude. That wasn’t always the case; perhaps a combination of conservative Christian values and a wonderfully conservative wife changed my mind. Then again, it could be fatherhood, which is the main reason people like Miley

Tumblr Band

Is Tumblr The New Social Music Source?

When MySpace re-launched last year, it seemed like it found its niche as a music portal of sorts. This wasn’t to say that it would take over the more renowned platforms like Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity but it didn’t necessarily have to.

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Top 5 Music Apps

Here’re the top 5 free music apps for the iPhone this November! They’re really fun, and give you awesome music while you’re out and about. However, just keep in mind that live music is always way better. Jollys Piano Bar, your local neighborhood pub, and

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The New Face of Music

Spotify recently announced an embeddable play button that will work on blogs, websites, and tumblr. This will allow any registered Spotify users to play music through their Spotify without having to leave the current webpage (even non-premium Spotify users will have access to these play

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The Next Big Social Network: It’s Not G+

  Despite all the posts raving about it on basically every social media blog and news site known to mankind, Google+ is most assuredly not the next great social network. I said it. Wanna make something of it? Let me be the first to say: