How Smartphones Are Changing the World of Email

mobile emailing
There was a time when sending an email was the hippest thing to do, but now with the availability of instant messaging some may be led to think email is a thing of the past. It is very much the opposite. Although text messaging and social networks are very popular on mobile devices, the way we email has changed because of them too.

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MTV Takes Latino Angle on Mobile Social Network

Con3xion (Connection) will be based around the Tr3s, their Latino youth-oriented channel. It is slated for a mid-December launch with the help of San Diego-based mobile social networking company Intercasting Corp, focusing on Hispanic youths who are heavy users of mobile technology, according to the company.

Here are some statistics that they’re basing their plans after:

  • Hispanics who own a cell phone with media capabilities: 63%.
  • Non-Latinos with media-capable mobile devices: 46%. [Read more…]