@Arrington Crunched? Nope. He’s Uncrunched.


Anyone who has been following Michael Arrington for the last few years shouldn’t be surprised. If anything, we should be kicking ourselves for not predicting exactly what the name of his new blog would be.

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@Arrington – You’re Always Welcome Here

Michael Arrington Soshable

I admit it. I was one of them. Those people who see what Michael Arrington and TechCrunch did, how they wielded their power to influence other sites, startups, and large corporations. As a former newspaper journalist, I despised him, the site, and everything about it.

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Michael Arrington May not be Right, But He’s Definitely Not Wrong

Michael Arrington Isn't All Wrong

Journalists will hate hearing this. Bloggers will hate it even more. I’m to the point where I’m starting to hate myself for thinking it.

Michael Arrington has some good points about TechCrunch, CrunchFund, his role in blogging/journalism, and the conflicts of interest (or lack thereof) in having his cake and eating it, too.

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