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Thanks for the suggestion, but…

A friend sent this to me. While I appreciate the recommendation and I know that many (including Google, apparently) believe that Mashable is THE social media blog, we would like to say for the record that we’re alive and well and definitely not Mashable. But thanks for the suggestion. #mashableenvy

Linkjacking is Good, Bad, and Ugly

Linkjacking means different things to different people.  Many see it as using the content on one site as the bait to get viewers to pass through your site, or even stay there and explore without going on to the primary content.  Most of the time, there will be tidbits or summary information about the primary

What can fix (I mean save) MySpace?

Rumors are flying. “MySpace is getting a complete redesign.” “MySpace is getting bought out.” “MySpace is losing money.” When rumors like these start flying, it’s normally a bad sign, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.  The Social Network’s meteoric rise and subsequent decline in users to Facebook has created these rumors, but there are still