Groupon Gets a Facelift

Groupon Redesign

Groupon, the former daily deals site that turned into a social deals site that is trying to turn into a marketplace site has released its first redesign just in time for its five-year birthday. They aren’t just changing colors from old-school green to clean and tidy white. They’re trying to reinvent themselves… again.

After passing up on a $6,000,000,000 offer from Google a few years ago, they’ve had ups and downs. Mostly downs. That’s not to say that they don’t have a future, but it will take more than a redesign and a new direction to justify passing up on billions.

Here’s what Mashable had to say about the new design:

When users visit Groupon now, they will see a spotlighted deal followed by personalized collections of deals and a left-hand navigation menu, which lets users browse deals by category. There is now a search option featured prominently at the top — long overdue — which finally lets users search for keywords across categories. For example, someone looking for sushi would be shown restaurant deals, as well as deals for sushi classes and merchandise.

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Facebook’s Craigslist Competitor Will Likely Bomb (but may be a huge success)

Facebook Pay to Promote Posts

Reports from reliable sources are coming in that Facebook has put a Craigslist-style app on the fast track to be developed and launched as soon as possible. The project, tentatively named Marketplace (not to be confused with the failed app of the same name that was recently shelved) will allow users to socially share and even pay to promote classified ads that people would normally put on Craigslist such as job listings, products for sale, and housing.


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