Is Facebook’s New Home a Phone? Why We Want a Phone in the First Place

Facebook Angle

Rumor has it that Facebook is partnering with HTC to produce an ‘android Facebook phone’. According to an article written on, sources indicate that Facebook is collaborating with HTC to develop a “modified version of the Android operating system with a deep native Facebook functionality.” A formal invite was sent out to the world for the unveiling of what could be ‘the next best thing’. The question is, will it actually be a phone? Or is the question really, do we even want a phone?

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Facebook Made a Big Change this Week and it Wasn’t Graph Search

Facebook Thumbnails

As I’ve already stated, Graph Search will not be as big of a deal for businesses as many are making it out to be. They did, however, start a potentially major shift in the way they handle their ecosystem and particularly how it affects outbound links if reports from Social Fresh are correct.

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The Facebook IPO Song

Facebook IPO Song

The folks over at American Hipster put together this spoof music video to commemorate last week’s Facebook IPO. Instead of Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars singing “Mirror”, they have Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker singing a similar song.

It’s about as over-the-top as spoof videos can get without being offensive, but it’s worth the 4 minutes.

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Will the Facebook IPO Skyrocket, then Plummet?

Roller Coaster

The buildup to the Facebook IPO scheduled for a week from now has been anything but boring. Even the boring parts are being blown up in ways that make them exciting, such as the media’s fascination with Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie during his IPO roadshow. Long-term investors are starting to get the jitters based upon declarations of “innovation before profits” coming from Facebook’s upper management. Is the table being set for a roller coaster ride after their initial public offering?


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BBC Spends an Hour with Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg BBC Interview

The Facebook founder discusses the last 7 amazing years during which Facebook has grown to a multi-billion dollar juggernaut of a company. With the upcoming IPO expected early next year and with Google+ making a push into their territory, it’s important for Facebook’s enigmatic CEO to leave his comfort zone and hit the interview circuit.

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The Social Network Humanizes Mark Zuckerberg

As we flip yet another page in the lifespan of Facebook, we have been delighted with the only movie about a social network to embrace our sights. It was not an entire surprise that “The Social Network” Movie, which is based on the #1 of Social Network’s Facebook, made it as #1 in the box office on its opening weekend.

The surprise unfolded within the movie itself. The plot positioned during the times Zuckerberg was being sued from three different people, one being that of his only friend, and building the story of Zuckerbergs creation of Facebook and it’s not so subtle beginnings. One would think that after all the negative lashings about Zuckerberg, that this film would only solidify those perceptions.

Instead, this captivating movie humanized Mark. It showed the betrayals, the desire, and hard work that it took to embark on the brilliance that is Facebook. It did not glorify him or paint him as an evil doer, just a human that is looking to connect.

Zuckerberg’s honesty and awkwardness has unveiled him in a not so positive light, yet this movie almost explains how those traits are what gave us Facebook. Without Zuckerberg having almost no social skills, we perhaps would be lacking in our greatest, history-making reach of communication.

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The Facebook Movie – The Social Network Premieres: Are YOU Going to See It?

The most anticipated movie of the year has finally arrived in Theatres today and it will be no surprise if it makes millions and becomes #1 in the box office. It will only mirror its plot line real life story of the #1 of social networks, Facebook.

“The Social Network” may or may not reveal the truth about Zuckerberg and how he turned himself into a billionaire, but that will not stop us from going and seeing this movie. It supposedly will have more drama in its written word than action in this film – a bit of a change from today’s movies, we look for buildings to crumble, guns to fire and cars to explode, apparently the only explosions here will occur in its dialogue  – sounds refreshing, almost like a status update.

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