Localize on Social Media or Else

University of Albany

Don’t worry. This isn’t one of those “feel good” stories about how social media is all about interacting with your local community. That part’s true, but you should know that already, right?

Today, let’s go over a quick explanation of how social media algorithms, especially Facebook’s, work and why you’re actually hurting your local page’s chances of being seen by having too many people outside of your local area liking your page. It isn’t just a matter of them not being interested in your content the way that locals will. It is an algorithm play that can actually prevent locals from seeing your posts.

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AllTrails Is the Digital Network for Outdoor Enthusiasts

AllTrailsWe all enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, especially during the summer season. Many of us like to hike, take bike rides, go on walking adventures, or simply take our dogs out for a bit of exercise. Going to the same place every day, to do these kinds of outdoor activities, can make a once fun and enjoyable hobby, mundane and boring. Since social media has taken the world by storm, people have become more dependent on what their peers think and turn to the online world to get feedback on various places.

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Social, Local, Mobile… Football (or Soccer, as Americans call it)


The attachment that social media has to entertainment is clear. We tweet the shows we watch, like the Facebook pages of movies we’re going to go see, and blast out or elation or rage on all social networks when our sports team wins or loses.

No sport or other form of entertainment has as big of a social media following as football. No, not American football, even though it’s pretty darn big as well. We’re talking about soccer. We’re talking about the little round ball that goes up and down the field trying to find its way into one goal or another.

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