How Digg is Dropping the Ball (limited to 3 issues, begrudgingly)

Thumbs Up DiggIt’s been nearly a year now, but when Kevin Rose boldly announced that “you’ve made it clear” and “If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying,” in regards to the the HD-DVD key that was published everywhere, Digg was on top of the social media world with a true opportunity to be the site “for the people.”  While the move to ignore a cease and desist declaration was a bit less bold than most understood at the time (it was everywhere at that point), it was still a public relations goldmine that Digg could have very easily parlayed into perpetual success.  They just had to do one thing…

Listen to your people and deliver what they want.

Over the last year, Digg has focused on several issues.  While all of these have importance, Digg has paid these issues more than enough attention.  In most cases, they’ve paid too much attention them. (more…)

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Rose Demonstrates that New Digg Algo is “Fair and Balanced”

Three weeks into Digg’s promotion algorithm updates, it’s becoming clear that the ‘playing field’ has been leveled. Even the site’s creator appears to be on equal footing. – Decepticrat

Kevin Rose SubmissionsIt isn’t the first time that a Kevin Rose submitted story failed to hit the front page of Digg, but last week, Kevin did something that he had never done before.  He missed the front page.  Twice.  In a row.

On top of this, his current submission is not faring very well.  It still has 12 hours, but is currently at an anemic 32 Diggs after 12 hours — not your standard KR submission number. (more…)

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Rose, Adelson Respond to Diggers’ Concerns on TDD

Adelson and RoseDigg founders Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose spoke to dozens of Digg users through an emergency episode of The Drill Down tonight (part 1 of 2 is live now).  They were asked about the lack of responses to emails, the change in the algorithm, the autobury theory, an open forum, and other topics.

The initial reason for the episode was to discuss a plan of action that users could do to tackle what many view as “negative changes” to Digg as of late.  Rumors of revolt have been spreading across the blogosphere.  Word of the episode got to Rose and Adelson, and after a humorous verification process that included having Rose digg and favorite a story on demand, they were brought into the live broadcast in front of over 100 listeners.  The blogging of the event started quickly.

“We had a two and a half hour digg focus group where we showed everyone for the first time Digg Stories – Suggest,” said Rose.  It won’t be popular stories, but is a possible alternative to the Upcoming section.  Stories will get exposure in a different way – in theory, stories dugg or submitted by other people who seem to like similar stories will be served to us. 

Rose continued by saying, “The upcoming section is flawed.” It will be another way to “expose people to those great stories you are finding.” (more…)

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