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Live Streaming = Death of Television?

I love electronic music; whether it’s glossy house beats or skull-shattering dubstep, I can’t seem to go a day without it.  I recently decided to dedicate an entire weekend to live stream one of the largest electronic music concerts in the world, Ultra Music Festival (“UMF”).

Amazon Silk: A Cloud-Supported Web Browser

Right after Amazon demonstrated their first tablet, Kindle Fire, they also revealed info on the web browser for the device. Amazon Silk is a cloud-supported browser that offloads most of the hardware processing off of the tablet and onto a server that’s faster than a gaming desktop on steroids.

Pwned: The StumbleUpon Digg Experiment Initial Results

First, a disclaimer about this experiment and the analysis. In retrospect, this experiment was flawed.  The subject matter and style of delivery was very clearly geared in favor of one of the combatants.  When it was initially conceived, it was decided that the experiment would best be delivered through a post that announced itself.  By