How Independent Businesses Are Building and Using Their Online Presence (Infographic)


Statistics are essential in business to prioritize needs, to direct efforts, and to ensure on how time and money are spent. This type of research is attractive to CEO’s and Managers across the board, regardless of what Industry you are in, including the Automotive Industry.

As your Digital Marketing increases, finding the appropriate platforms to share your brand and connect with clients is important, but more so knowing which of the many online arenas will turn your efforts into profits over other options available to you.

Social Media has many networks businesses can utilize as a Marketing and Advertising platform, however, which social networks will benefit your targeted market may differ and understanding that your business’s website layout, usability and friendliness has a huge impact on whether a customer will buy online or in-store is worthy knowledge to attain.


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Canadians Spend more Time on the Internet than any other Country in the World (Infograph)

Canadians do not live in igloos, play hockey all of the time, or have moose as pets. Canadians do say toques appose to hats, “pop” instead of “soda” and “chocolate bars” rather than “candy bars”. Canada does have Provinces instead of States, a Prime Minister as a President and they do say EH… a lot.

OH and yes, they have Internet.

According to recent studies, Canadians top all other countries with a whopping 68% amount of time spent on the Internet. It seems that they really are friendly too, with studies showing that Canadians like to get social on Facebook with a penetration rate of about 51% of the population, or 66% of the online population. Canada has become extremely important to Facebook, since 17 million Canadians have a Facebook account. (more…)

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