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Advice from a Non-Investor: Buy Twitter (UPDATE)

Update: With rumors swirling that the starting price may go up, we have changed our opinion and now believe that you should not buy Twitter in the beginning. I don’t own stock. I will never own stock. I don’t read the Wall Street Journal and

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Why Social Media is Becoming a Business of Its Own

As the worlds of Wall Street and Silicon Valley meet we will see many changes to social media. The prize for profitability remains unclear, however, this has not stopped tech companies from aspiring for a future public offering. In 2012 we witnessed the efforts of

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The Facebook IPO Song

The folks over at American Hipster put together this spoof music video to commemorate last week’s Facebook IPO. Instead of Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars singing “Mirror”, they have Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker singing a similar song. It’s about as over-the-top as spoof videos