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22 Content Types to Keep You Blogging

One of the hardest parts about blogging is staying consistent and pumping out enough content to keep your readers coming back for more. It’s a challenge, not just because of the time necessary to stay consistent and abundant, but also because it’s possible to run

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The Rise of the #Selfie

Call it a kick that I’m on, but I’ve officially doubled the number of “selfies” that I’ve taken just in the last couple of days. Prior to this week, I had taken 2. Now, I’ve taken 4. It’s a selfie phenomenon. The reason for all

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Canned Social Media Marketing in an Hour Per Day

Under normal circumstance, I do not like the types of social media strategies that try to can them into basic processes with time limits. Sure, it’s good to have guidelines, but I find that they’re normally too limiting to allow people to make the right

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The History of Infographics (an #infographic)

When I first got into the infographic business back in 2008, it often took a long explanation to prospective clients in order to get them to understand what they were and what they did. Today, that’s not a problem as dozens of new infographics are


The Failure of 9 Social Media Sites

There’s something about infographics that make claims based on perspectives and opinions rather than facts. This infographic from MyLife does just that and tries to list the top 10 failed social media sites.