How @HybridMom Became a Social Media Superstar and How Your Business Can Follow Suit


Editor’s Note: Hybrid Mom is now Hybrid Her.

As in the previous post regarding Hybrid Mom and their success in Social Media and we decided to dissect it to show you how you can dominate your social media market as well.

Businesses often wonder how not to get lost in the “social media shuffle”, instead seeking to find like-minded people to interact with, especially ones who sincerely want to engage. Many are in search for examples, seeking a business that can lead them to understand what they can improve upon when using Facebook and Twitter.

These two sites can be useful to your company and an amazing example of how to use Social Media correctly is our Spotlight Social Media Superstar, Hybrid Mom.

Hybrid Mom is a website that shares information on a variety of topics such as women, work, parenting, and life. Their site also includes an online store known as the Hybrid Mom Bazaar, where you can purchase family friendly items.

Sounds like many other sites, right — perhaps even your own? So why is it hard for you to get Social Media to work for you?


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