Finding the Right Mix of Conversion and Conversation Content

Conversational Content

The rise of content marketing and more importantly the focus that Google and Bing have put on website content engagement have changed the way we view the types of content we put on our websites. It’s no longer sufficient to focus all of your content on the basic search engine principles of keyword targeting. You have to have content on your domain that draws in the important social signals and time spent on site.

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Stop Trying to Fit in on Facebook and Start Standing Out

Stand Out

There is a truly annoying trend that I’m seeing when visiting the various Facebook pages I check out on daily basis. If you were to ask the page managers if they’re trying to stand out, most would claim that it’s their goal. When you look at the actual pages, you’ll see that the exact opposite is true. So many are trying to blend in on Facebook, to post the same images and links that they see are performing well for profiles or popular pages. While this is a valid strategy, it’s definitely not the type of strategy that’s going to help you truly stand out in the sea of posts that flood everyone’s news feed.

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Social Media Reputation: Making Social Media the Business Hub


This is Part 5 in a 5 part series. Please read the previous posts first or none of this will really make any sense.

There was a promise back in 2007 and 2008 that was made to businesses, particularly those with physical locations. It was clear that there was something about social media sites like MySpace, Delicious, Digg, and the up-and-coming Facebook that could be used to promote business activity in the real world. Fewer people were on it and most businesses either dabbled, waited, or dismissed it, but for those who dove in and really gave it a shot, the promise was that it could eventually become the most important part of online marketing. Some even said that it would replace websites altogether.

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Automotive Social Media Marketing Infographics

It is crystal clear that the automotive industry is embracing social media as fast or faster than any other vertical market out there. From manufacturers to dealers and every step along the way to get us behind the wheel, every level of the industry is rapidly deploying amazing social media campaigns.

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