Concerns With Social Media Protection

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It’s not uncommon for employers to look at the social media pages of potential workers. After all, they want to know that the people they are looking to hire will not only be professional but won’t find themselves in trouble outside of the workplace. One can argue that this is invasive but considering the unpredictable nature of the working world, it’s understandable that very few want to take that risk. However, for the sake of protection on the Internet, there are limits.

Recently, Oregon joined a total of 11 other states that decided to stand up in the name of protection on social media at large. Basically, employers can require applicants to give them access to their passwords and networking pages, whether it’s to protect trade secrets or what have you. One can make the assumption that something like this is illegal, which would seem that way on the surface. However, if there isn’t a form of legislation, this activity can be done and it does nothing short of making the aforementioned applicants feel uncomfortable.


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