Post Planner Eliminates Facebook Posting Woes with New Trending Content Feature

Post Planner

We almost never post press releases, but as an avid fan and frequent user of Post Planner, it’s an exception. For the record, I love the service. It can be a little buggy sometimes, but it’s a Facebook app rather than a standalone web service so bugs can be expected. What Facebook app is bug free?

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YouTube to Shut Down for a Decade to Find #BestVideo


Dear YouTube video uploaders. It’s your last chance to get your entries into YouTube. At midnight on April 1st, 2013, YouTube will be shutting down for a decade to begin the process of finding the best video ever uploaded to the site.

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Be An Efficient Social Manager With Buffer


Time saving tools are always welcome to anyone with the job title social media manager. If you have this title, or something similar, it is very likely that you manage multiple social accounts everyday. Whether it is different social networks, multiple Twitter IDs, or brand clients, efficient tools are necessary to keep updates flowing.

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