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The Future of Social Gaming on Facebook

At what point did the concept of social networking really take off? Was when people started to use it to communicate with each other, or was when people start using it to play games with one another? There are more people today playing games on Facebook than there were just a few years ago. Is

How to Win Big in the App Market [Infographic]

Running a business takes large quantities of hard work and dedication to succeed. Sometimes it takes more than one company or group of people to make all ideas and goals a reality. The infographic below tells the story of a business decision that landed two companies with some pretty powerful success. It all began with

Shall We Play a Game?

Gamification is one of those big words constantly being thrown around in the social media space. It’s also a trend, like many other trends in social media, which companies are trying to use as the proverbial silver bullet to gain traffic and conversions. While gamification is by no means a quick fix to all problems