Ford Social: The Automotive Idea that Needs to Take Off

Ford Social

Some ideas in social media work (for a little while) because they catch a break and resonate with the target audience even if the idea itself was a bad one. These types of concepts include Foursquare apps that try to stalk attractive women (lifespan: 1 week), video chatting sites that connect random people (chances of seeing a penis: 1 in 4 and rising), and anything that depended on the Twitter API to make it work.

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Killing as Many Birds with as Few Stones as Possible with Content: Thinking Three Dimensionally

Three Dimensional Spheres

There’s really no way around it. The only technique to truly maximize the effectiveness of your content to be engaging on your website, relevant for SEO, and useful for social media is to think three-dimensionally.

This is Part II in the series about “Killing Birds With Content Stones”. Read Part I first.

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Ford is Built Social Media Tough. Putting Ford in FORwarD Thinking

To be an Automotive Company or Dealership at this exact moment in time can be tough. Social Media has annexed all natural distribution of selling and altered the performance salespersons have perfected for years. It has become alarming to many, not identifying the purpose of talking to people online, generating content to share and setting up shop on things called social networks. Many still think Social Media’s sole purpose is for personal use and have yet unleashed its possibilities to gain when using social sites for business.

Let’s face it, the world is perpetually getting smaller, our communication evolution has unveiled itself and we have accepted it with a welcoming hashtag and a Facebook Page. No one wants a one-way conversation or a sales pitch. People want virtual handshakes, conversations and promotions that relate to them as people, not as pockets.

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