Facebook Secretly Adds Recommendation Star Rating to its Business Pages


Consumers are quite used to the quick star rating when it comes to sharing our input on how we feel about a business’s customer service. Not only has it been available to us throughout companies feedback boxes for years in-store, it has been provided nearly everywhere online too. Heck, even movies are rated in a 5 star format. However it looks like Facebook has finally caught on; better late than never.

Since this type of rating system is widely known, it only makes sense that it makes its way onto Facebook, although you would never know of the change unless you actually click on the recommendations section on a Facebook Page for a business.  It seems like Facebook secretly rolled it out, and even though a secret roll-out is nothing new for Facebook, adding a new feature that will impact a business will be more than subtle.

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Now You Can Reply Directly to Comments on Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages reply link comments

The day we all have been waiting for has come for Facebook page owners and admins. The day in which we can directly respond to the people who leave comments on our Facebook Pages without having to tag them or just leaving another comment in your thread.

Facebook sure has improved communication on Facebook Pages with this latest feature by adding a reply link to comments. This means that you can now click “reply” when a comment is left on your page and the person who left it will be notified. This will turn commenting into a nested thread that will be in the comments section but creates a more personal touch between your brand and the commenter.

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Now You Can Schedule Status Updates on Facebook Pages

Now You Can Schedule Status Updates on Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are important to keep updated on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean we have a lot of time to go to our page and update them at optimal times for posting. Therefore we turn to third-party apps to help us manage various social platforms and schedule all from one spot. With that said, there are many of us that just want to ensure that our Facebook page is maintained and some don’t want to deal with any outside apps or tools to schedule a post and now you do not have to.

For now, you can only schedule Facebook status updates on Facebook Pages which serves as a great on-site tool especially for business pages. It is also very easy to add a scheduled post on Facebook with Facebook.

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How to Increase Engagement of Facebook Pages Using Timeline

Facebook Timeline JD

Facebook has now upgraded all pages to the Timeline design. The Timeline is a powerful tool for showcasing your brand. For example you can add a Timeline cover that will really reflect the identity of your brand.

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How-To: Turn Off the Also On Feature on Your Facebook Page


Today I learned something new thanks to the Social Media Manager at O’Brien Auto Group, Dane Brooks. He had turned to me for answers on how-to turn off the “Also On” feature that is now displaying on Facebook Pages. This feature is so new, that it had me scratching my head wondering how to respond, so I looked under applications and found nothing to match what was showing on his Facebook Page. Then I suggested turning off “Instant Personalization” to ensure that sites Facebook collaborated with was not automatically showing up on his business’s Facebook Page and that still did not provide a solution.

As Dane and I scrambled to find the answers, and I ready to bunker down and do the research, Dane, finds the solution and informs me of one of the many changes Facebook has made, yet again. As Dane so kindly passed the answer on to me, I will now pay it forward to you.

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4 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Using Your Facebook Page

Owning or Administering a Facebook Page can feel like a heavy responsibility when you are unsure of how to use it effectively. Especially now, when Facebook has changed the look and layout of their pages, you may be questioning how you can get more out of your Facebook Page. Remarkably, the recent changes can actually aid your use of your page and will give you the ability to market your brand farther into Facebook’s communities. Here are four easy and useful ways to increase brand awareness using your Facebook Page.

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Facebook Page Change: Your Brand is Leaking All Over the Place

I received 17 emails, 4 phone calls, and about a billion IMs wanting to know what the Facebook page changes meant to businesses and publications who depended on their pages. For the last few days we’ve been playing around (yes, we dedicated 4 full-time people to exploring this – damn you Facebook) with the changes, finding the benefits and detrimental effects that this will have.

This article is not going to go into those.

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Help! 3 Steps on How to Get Your Business’s Facebook Page Back

Many businesses make the dreaded mistake when setting up their Facebook page of allowing any employee to create the page under their profile – not knowing if that employee will be a long-term one could cost you a dent in your online reputation.

Prior to venturing onto a Social Media platform, you must strategize how you plan to go forth with your business and to run your social networks with a business mind. The Internet is never a place to get sloppy or lazy, since this is a medium that is unforgiving when it comes to forgetting – and in the wrong hands could be detrimental for your business.

Facebook is one of or arguably THE best place to build your brand online. With a Facebook Page, you could have it up and running within minutes and it can quickly become a secondary home for your business. However, to create a Facebook page you must attach it to a profile, which helps Facebook stay authentic, but can add a little stress to a new-comer. Often, the employee who set up the page has upped and left and has taken your business’s page with them.

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