Post Planner Eliminates Facebook Posting Woes with New Trending Content Feature

Post Planner

We almost never post press releases, but as an avid fan and frequent user of Post Planner, it’s an exception. For the record, I love the service. It can be a little buggy sometimes, but it’s a Facebook app rather than a standalone web service so bugs can be expected. What Facebook app is bug free?

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Do Not Add Anything to the Official Page Section on Facebook Pages

Do Not Add Official Page

As an owner or an admin to a Facebook page you clearly know that filling out as much as you can helps create the page and provides a way for people to not only find your page but more about your brand. It is still highly recommended that you ensure you fill out all the sections that can help people to understand your brand’s purpose except for one area and this one can hinder you more than help you.

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