How-To: Turn Off the Also On Feature on Your Facebook Page


Today I learned something new thanks to the Social Media Manager at O’Brien Auto Group, Dane Brooks. He had turned to me for answers on how-to turn off the “Also On” feature that is now displaying on Facebook Pages. This feature is so new, that it had me scratching my head wondering how to respond, so I looked under applications and found nothing to match what was showing on his Facebook Page. Then I suggested turning off “Instant Personalization” to ensure that sites Facebook collaborated with was not automatically showing up on his business’s Facebook Page and that still did not provide a solution.

As Dane and I scrambled to find the answers, and I ready to bunker down and do the research, Dane, finds the solution and informs me of one of the many changes Facebook has made, yet again. As Dane so kindly passed the answer on to me, I will now pay it forward to you.


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