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The End of the Link-Jacking Diggbar is Nigh

On August 1st, 2009, I announced that I would no longer be using the Diggbar because they were redirecting traffic back to their site. Kevin Rose said his first move as CEO of Digg was to kill that aspect of the Diggbar. Today, Digg came

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Did Digg Just “Bait & Switch” Twitter Users?

UPDATE: This image speaks for itself: UPDATE: Leo Laporte had Digg co-founder Kevin Rose on his show and asked him about this. You can see it on Twit Live – the Diggbar discussion starts at the 11:26 mark.  Here is an excerpt: (Laporte gives Rose

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Diggbar View Counts Are Back (sort of)

As Digg works to perfect its service and enhance one of it’s latest features, the Diggbar, they have re-added a nice component that was taken down shortly after launch: view counts. Well, they’ve sort of brought it back. Looks like it’s still in beta or