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Digg Starts The New Year Stagnant [Updated]

Update: Not only is Digg back, it’s back with a vengeance. Stories are flying on at ludicrous speed. It was likely a bottleneck of promoted stories that weren’t appearing on the Top News section due to some coding change. Things look like they’re about back

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The Digg Debacle in One Graph

6 publishers and 1 “celebrity” have controlled the Digg Top News section for the past 3 days. This story over at Media Caffeine called Digg: The Broken Covenant (aka Selling Out to “The Man”) gives a clear indication that the shortcomings of Digg v4 go

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The New Digg: A Shift in the Balance of Power

In lieu of getting into a debate about political analogies, I will make one clear statement: Digg has never been a true democracy and the new Digg does not change this. What “The New Digg” does do is redistribute the power that is currently in