And on the 3rd Day, Cuil Lists Itself on Search for “Cuil”

Cuil Appears on CuilNote to self: when creating a new search engine with $33 million in funding, remember to list your website on the front page when people search for you.

Somehow, the Cuil algorithm missed it for a couple of days.  No worries.  Problem solved.  On this, the third day since it’s launch, Cuil has listed itself when someone does a search for “Cuil”.

As reported in TechCrunch and further explored in Soshable, this wasn’t the case for a little while.  In the hustle and bustle of promoting the launch of the site, this one minor detail slipped through the cracks, adding to the flurry of poor reviews that followed hours after its Monday launch.

Here is a screenshot of the search before the algorithm either corrected itself or it was manually updated following the discover of the omission: (more…)

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Search for “Cuil” on Cuil… They Can’t Find Their Own Site!

Cuil LaunchYes, it has been bad.  It is possibly the greatest 1-day reversal of fortunes in the history of the Internet.  Monday started off as a monumental day for Cuil with over 7.4 trillion articles and blog posts written about its launch.  Before Monday ended, it was reviewed by another 471 billion blogs and given a fail rating by all but 11 or so.

If you haven’t heard about it, you didn’t turn on your computer Monday.  Sadly, that would make you one of the lucky ones.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth a shot just so you’ll know that we aren’t just picking on it.  It’s that bad.  NetworkWorld said it was cold.  The New York Times pointed out various problems with Cuil, as did IT Pro, ZDNet, an eWeek.

WebProNews was a bit more blunt, saying that Cuil crashed and burned, while AlleyInsider said it was the “Worst.  Launch.  Ever.

All of this is wonderfully scathing, but perhaps the truest testamony against the Google challenger-for-a-few-hours was picked up by Techcrunch.  Erich Schonfield noted that a search for “Cuil” ON cuil did not list their own website on the first page of results. (more…)

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