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Social Media Addictions

So true. So very true.

This comic made by Sean R Nicholson brings up a great point. Is “social media productivity” real? Are some of us spending too much time on social media and not enough time in the real world?

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Google+ Denies the Man of Steel

Google+ vs Superman

Oh, those geniuses at Geek Culture. This comic is an instant classic in that it’s probably pretty darn close to exactly what would happen if Superman really did try to check out Google+.

It’s funny, but it brings up a good point. Do you think Google+ takes it too far in their quest for real people, real names, real everything, or is it a good thing that will help keep spammers and bots out of the social network?

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What is Facebook Selling?

How Facebook Makes Money
Via: Soshable

How Facebook Makes Money

With an estimated $2 billion in revenue last year and expectations set to nearly double that number this year, many wonder how a free service makes money. The games are huge and with the recent complete switch to Facebook Credits for in-game merchandise, that’s definitely a part of it. Yet, advertisers are able to hyper-target us in ways never truly seen.

So, what is Facebook really selling?
How Facebook Makes Money
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Zaibatsu: Puberty Clause

This was posted by Reg “Zaibatsu” Saddler himself at Social News Central.

Zaibatsu Banned

We don’t post a lot of social media humor on this blog, but that’s classic.