What We Want to See: Make Yourself More Personable Online

Fun Man

So you have a Facebook page for your business, you have a Twitter account, you’re doing all you think you need to do to have a good, strong online presence. And that’s very good, but all the tweets in the world might not amount to a hill of beans unless you remember one very important thing: the human factor.

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Social Media: The Only Thing Certain to Blow Up for the #Mayans


Some people believe that there’s going to be a major natural event that will devastate the world as the Mayan calendar comes to an end on December 21st. Others believe that man-made evils will generate turmoil on the date in a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of way. I don’t believe either will happen, but there’s definitely going to be an explosion. Social media is going to go crazy on December 21st as well as December 22nd.

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