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Pray for America. Pray for Ted Cruz.

The country and the world hasn’t been in such a precarious situation as the one we’re in now. Two terms for Barack Obama has brought this nation to the brink. We must have a strong leader who can bring conservative Christian values back to the White House and return us to the proper path that

Christ First (a reminder)

We are, by our nature, worldly people. I once believed that people in the past were less worldly, but the more I read the more I realize that things shift but they don’t really change. The adversary has planted a seed of worldliness that grows like a weed through society and spreads through our hearts.

The Republican Candidates and their Faith

Faith has become a central point of this election cycle to the point that Donald Trump has attacked the very Christianity that Ted Cruz and Ben Carson espouse. It is clear based upon his actions and statements that the Bible is nothing more than a campaign prop. For some reason, many conservative Christians are so