Chicago Cubs Suspend Player After Twitter Rant

Ian Stewart

Some people really just don’t think before they speak – or in this case, tweet. Whether it’s Justin Bieber’s opinion of Anne Frank or Amy’s Baking Company having a complete meltdown after appearing on ‘Kitchen Nightmares,’ some just don’t think about what they share with the world.

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Why the Automotive Industry Needs the Internet Sales 20 Group

Internet Sales 20 Group 3

Through two decades in the automotive industry (I think it might be three, technically, but I’m in denial), I can count on one hand the number of conferences I’ve truly supported. I speak at many events and attend a dozen a year, but I don’t truly support them. Some, like NADA (where I am right now writing this post) and SXSW (where I’ll be next month) are big enough that they simply don’t need my endorsement. Most could use any support they can get to expose them, but I often hold back.

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