5 Situations in Which You Shouldn’t Create A Facebook Page For Your Online Business

Facebook Business Pages

Setting up a Facebook page for your online business is free and easy, and takes just a few minutes. But it’s not always wise to rush in without having considered a few things beforehand. Just take a look at some newly-created pages of small businesses on Facebook and it will strike you that they all look more or less the same. And that’s not a good thing.

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Facebook Increases Visibility of Business Pages by Connecting with Community Pages


Facebook is constantly changing and at times, it is difficult to keep up, but at a closer glance, many of the changes might actually be helpful to your business. One such alteration, noticed only recently, was done very quietly by Facebook to the Business pages. Most of us have used or heard of Facebook Business pages and Community pages, but did you know they can be combined? That is right! Facebook users who have a Business page can now add their page to Community pages.

Before getting into details about this change, first, we must understand the difference between the two pages in order to recognize how this recent change can help your business.

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