Buffer App has a Brand New Share Button, Adds Facebook Analytics


Buffer New Share Button Analytics

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of the scheduling, posting and time managing tool Buffer. The app has been a terrific addition to my smartphone and the web-based Dashboard interface makes rearranging what you want to share when super easy and efficient.

Recently, Buffer has designed a brand new Buffer share button for your blog or website so your audience/readers can easily share to multiple social accounts at once or schedule for later. Giving your community an opportunity to share now and later or to choose one or the other and to which social platforms the content is best suited for helps them receive more actions such as likes, comments and shares.

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If You Can’t Be James Bond, You can Still be a Social Media Not-So-Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Not all of us have the abilities, training, and gumption to make it as 007. Globetrotting with a Walther PPK 9mm Short under our tuxedo jacket is an appealing life to some, but the majority of us are perfectly fine spending time with our families and posting our mundane lives on Facebook.

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Why I Use Buffer More Than Hootsuite


Hootsuite has been on a tear over the last year. They’ve picked up a bunch of agreements with the various social media sites. They have a hip interface and a good reputation for quality of service, uptime, and ease of use. I like Hootsuite and use it for many of our accounts, but it’s not my primary social post scheduling tool.

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Stop Annoying Your Followers – Try Buffer

Soshable Guest

Without doubt, Twitter has become the most powerful tool to market your content online. The highly targeted traffic of savvy users you get from Twitter and the engagement and feedback from your followers in return for your Tweets make it invaluable for you and your brand. However, one of the drawbacks for me is to get my tweeting to a consistency, without annoying my followers with too many back to back tweets.

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