Avril Lavigne YouTube “Fan Cheat” Hoax Helps it Take Top Spot

Avril LavigneWhat do John Edwards, the Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team, and certain fans of Avril Lavigne have in common?

They all may be involved in cheating.

The difference is, the Avril Lavigne fans haven’t technically cheated.  They used “cheating” to promote a viral marketing campaign.  So far, it’s worked.  They’re now #1.

For a long, long time, the innovative and clever “Evolution of Dance” video has held the top spot as the most watched video ever on YouTube.  It features a man, Judson Laipply, performing a dance routine on stage that is, as many have called it, absolutely brilliant.  In 6 minutes and through cuts of 35 songs, Laipply makes up for questionable dance skills with a creative blend of humor and physical exertion.  The end result is something completely original, though it has been copied many times over recent years. (more…)

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