Dealer Authority: A New Venture in Automotive Internet Marketing

Dealer Authority

Change is good, sometimes. We all have those moments in our lives when we just want to branch out on our own. This is my moment.

I’ve been working for TK/KPA for the last seven years. I have absolutely nothing but positive to say about the company. They’ve treated me better than I probably deserved and I believe we’ve had a mutually beneficial relationship – both parties have grown as a result. I plan on referring KPA for many of the services that I do not offer because looking at it from the inside and seeing what else is out there, I know that they have what it takes to help their dealer clients find amazing success.

With that said, the company is still a growing corporation and I have wanted to operate in more of boutique situation for a little while. As a result, I am launching my own automotive internet marketing firm that will focus on premium social, search, and content marketing services. Dealer Authority is not for every dealership. The expectations are high and the costs will match. For the vast majority of dealers, the power I’ll be bringing to the table would be overkill. For truly aggressive dealers wanting to make a huge impact on their marketing efforts, I’m here to help.

Check out the website, get a feel for the direction that I’m heading, and make a choice: are you ready to get aggressive?

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Facebook Currently Offering Best Practices Download For Car Dealerships


Many car dealers have created or have thought about creating a Facebook Business page for their dealership due to the social network having one billion users and three billion likes and comments generated daily. Facebook is where people like to share, explore, and connect, which ultimately makes it the perfect place for car dealers to engage with potential buyers.


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Social Media Seminars Before and During NADA 2010

I have the honor and privilege of participating in two batches of automotive social media seminars in Orlando this year. One, the Automotive Marketing Boot Camp, will be more of a training-class setting that includes 5 trainers offering their insights for nearly 4 hours each on different aspects of marketing. I am doing the classes on social media itself.

Even though 4 hours seems to be a long time, believe it or not you could double that time and still have more to cover in the realm of social media for car dealers. The opportunities are endless, the risks are many, but regardless of what a dealer does or doesn’t want to do in social media, they need to understand that having a presence in some form or fashion is required, even if just as a defensive stance against those who would go after their name.

This event is not for those people. It’s for people who are ready to take their marketing to the next level. Hands-on, extremely informative, with small classroom settings geared to give everyone a one-on-one feel and to be able to take away tremendous value from the event.


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Social Media and the Car Business: Viable?

During the National Automobile Dealers Association in New Orleans last week, two things were apparent:

  1. Fewer vendors and a lot fewer dealers attended this year.
  2. Those who did attend heard a lot about social media.

You're Doing it WrongThe only problem is that, while social media is viable for most businesses out there, it seems to have eluded car dealers and other automotive-related companies.  There are hundreds of dealers and dealership employees who have created Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts.  There are dozens of vendors who are attempting (usually in vain) to use social news sites for traffic and SEO reasons.  Blogs are buzzing and popping up left and right.

For all intents and purposes, they’re doing it wrong. (more…)

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Automotive Marketing 2.0: The Next Generation

Automotive Internet MarketingThe automotive industry has always been notorious for being a year or two behind the rest of the world when it comes to the internet.  When other industries such as real estate and e-commerce were starting to get onto the Internet, car dealerships held out as long as they could.

When websites started getting more intricate and interactive, car dealers started throwing up online billboards.  Search Engine Optimization started becoming a necessity around 2004 around the time that equipment leasing hit it big on the Internet.  In the car business, it really became popular this year.

Web 2.0 has been a part of most industries for a couple of years now.  Web 3.0 is just around the corner.  Yet, the automotive industry still hasn’t quite embraced the social aspects of the Internet…

…until now. (more…)

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