Does Digg have an Autobury? Show Me the Proof!

BuriedA year ago, our sister website Social News Watch launched.  It was brought into this virtual world with the love and care associated with passion.  Its topic: social media.  Its authors: social media users.  Its goal: talk about social media.

The initial success was amazing.  The 14th story posted to it hit the front page of Digg.  Shortly after that, another hit.  And another.  In a 4 week period during November and December 2007 it hit the front page of Digg 8 times.

Since then, it has never hit. (more…)

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I was so going to blog about the Digg Town Hall Meeting, but…

Town Hall… I didn’t because there wasn’t much to talk about.  A few questions got answered, but for the most part, it was just plain rushed.  A few minutes past an hour into it, Rose and Adelson seemed to have something more important to do, so they were gone.

The one thing that truly stuck out (and hits home with this particular blog) was the discussion of autobury.  Again, it was basically denied, but there were enough hints to draw conclusions about how it works: (more…)

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This story will be removed from upcoming between 20-30 Diggs

Digg AutoburyGuess what.  Autobury exists.  Despite questions being sidestepped by Jay Adelson (who answered a direct question about autobury by asking “Why would we want to do that?”), there is too much evidence to the contrary.

We are researching 5 different blogs that are on the “non-existent” autobury list.  This happens to be one of those blogs.  It isn’t banned — you can still submit a story from it — but regardless of time submitted or who submits it, it will be removed from the Upcoming section sometime shortly after reaching 20 Diggs. (more…)

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Rose, Adelson Respond to Diggers’ Concerns on TDD

Adelson and RoseDigg founders Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose spoke to dozens of Digg users through an emergency episode of The Drill Down tonight (part 1 of 2 is live now).  They were asked about the lack of responses to emails, the change in the algorithm, the autobury theory, an open forum, and other topics.

The initial reason for the episode was to discuss a plan of action that users could do to tackle what many view as “negative changes” to Digg as of late.  Rumors of revolt have been spreading across the blogosphere.  Word of the episode got to Rose and Adelson, and after a humorous verification process that included having Rose digg and favorite a story on demand, they were brought into the live broadcast in front of over 100 listeners.  The blogging of the event started quickly.

“We had a two and a half hour digg focus group where we showed everyone for the first time Digg Stories – Suggest,” said Rose.  It won’t be popular stories, but is a possible alternative to the Upcoming section.  Stories will get exposure in a different way – in theory, stories dugg or submitted by other people who seem to like similar stories will be served to us. 

Rose continued by saying, “The upcoming section is flawed.” It will be another way to “expose people to those great stories you are finding.” (more…)

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